"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." — Thomas Edison (Harper's Magazine, 1932).

Michelle brings talent and devotion to whatever job she faces, with in the performing arts, design, and technical and online communication. She's ready to serve your needs, whether that be on a live stage, printed page, or monitor screen.


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Black Pearl Sings!

Stage Manager

Feb. 06, 2015 to Feb. 22, 2015 (Theatre In The Park)


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Worth 1000 Words

A lot of the blogs I follow (and people who haven't fallen behind) recently discussed book cover design.


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Hyde in Plain Sight

Clara's semester doesn't start well when several of her personal items go missing, then suddenly reappear. But there may be something more sinister going on.


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Whose Body? a Whimsically Good Time

In this first Lord Peter Wimsey novel, author Dorothy L. Sayers drew from the best of previous detective fiction while making the genre all her own.

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