"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." — Thomas Edison (Harper's Magazine, 1932).

Michelle brings talent and devotion to whatever job she faces, with in the performing arts, design, and technical and online communication. She's ready to serve your needs, whether that be on a live stage, printed page, or monitor screen.


Julius Ceasar

Sep. 24, 2014 to Sep. 28, 2014 (Sweet Tea Shakespeare)

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Spring Bird Sonnet

My attempt at a sonnet, originally written for a theatre class in high school, with later edits.

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Memory's Door review

This sequel attempts to raise the stakes, in story and character. There are a few moments that hint at a deeper sense of adventure and mystery. But the meandering plot didn't feel nearly as tight this go round.

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Babylon 5 on the Big Screen & More Genre News

Look what popped into my Twitter feed this week: "CONFIRMED by @straczynski - He's writing a Babylon 5 feature film in 2015."

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