"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." — Thomas Edison (Harper's Magazine, 1932).

Michelle brings talent and devotion to whatever job she faces, with in the performing arts, design, and technical and online communication. She's ready to serve your needs, whether that be on a live stage, printed page, or monitor screen.


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Black Pearl Sings!

Stage Manager

Feb. 06, 2015 to Feb. 22, 2015 (Theatre In The Park)


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There are plenty of rumors that Disney's looking to nab the Trek franchise star to relaunch Indy. Here's who I'd put in an Indiana Jones reboot.


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That's What Tigers Do Best

Part 5: Wake

The death of a patient brings up unpleasant memories for Dal.


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Caves of Steel is a Vibrant Classic

It's classic Golden Age science fiction, full of amazing possibilities, yet tinged with noir overtones that drive the action toward a solution I for one didn't see coming.

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