The Royale

Assistant Director
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Apr. 06, 2017 to Apr. 23, 2017
Top Ten Plays of 2017 (Indy Magazine)
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  • "Nevertheless, the show is one of the company’s strongest in recent seasons, worth seeing for its fine cast and vivid theatricality." News & Observer (PDF)
  • "Burning Coal brings 'The Royale' to its first North Carolina performance with a stellar, finely meshed cast and a crisp and stirring performance." CVNC (PDF)
  • "Director Avis Hatcher-Puzzo, making her North Carolina directorial debut, has done a magnificent job of casting, to begin with. Then she has created an ensemble that clicks like the tumblers of a lock falling into place." Triangle Review (PDF)
  • "When these and other actors face off in a match, [director] HatcherPuzzo has them reinforce the landing of their scripted blows with the same percussive footwork in a theatrical coup de grace." Indy Week (PDF)
What kind of pressure does it put on a man when you ask him to be brutal, cunning and selfish one minute and quiet, thoughtful and subservient the next? For the first African American Heavy Weight Champion, that question took a back seat to the even more important one: what kind of pressure does he put on himself?
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