City of Angels

Assistant Stage Manager / Deck Chief
Aug. 31, 2016 to Sep. 11, 2016


  • "... music director Lorene Walsh's jazzy band sounds nice and full, and things are kept visually interesting by set designer Terry Collins' and costume designer Selina Harvey's ability to balance the 'black and white' scheme of the reel world vs. the color of the real world." Star News (PDF)
  • "The work by the cast and crew is wonderful, and brings to life a creative look at the struggle of an artist caught in an industry machine." Encore (PDF)
The musical weaves together two plots, the "real" world of a writer trying to turn his book into a screenplay, and the "reel" world of the fictional film. It is an homage to the film noir genre of motion pictures that rose to prominence in the 1940s.
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